Dancer, a Gantri-Developed 3D Printer With Unmatched Efficiency

This printer will be the first-ever version intended to produce consumer goods at scale

Founded by Ian Yang, light-producer Gantri is a hotbed for innovation. They’re well-known for 3D-printing their products using sustainable materials—corn-derived bioplastics included—and offer designers the opportunity to submit original designs, producers insight into how to self-manage most of their supply chain, and material engineers plenty of competition. They’ve done all of this on outsourced printers, but they company is now spearheading a project to bring …

Design-Driven, 3D-Printed Lighting Options From Gantri

Modern lamps from various designers, available at affordable prices

Frequently, cost inhibits the purchase of future-forward design items for the home. Breaking through this barrier, online lighting marketplace Gantri gives consumers access to the work of numerous award-winning designers at undeniably reasonable prices. This pertains to the fact that their exclusive roster of 30+ products are 3D-printed upon purchase. But Gantri isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a platform for emerging designs, an R&D facility …

COOL HUNTING Video: Dandelion Chocolate’s New Factory

Increased production will not compromise quality at the multi-purpose Mission District space

With a new factory in San Francisco’s Mission District, Dandelion aims to make even better chocolate in bigger batches