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San Francisco Decriminalizes Psychedelics

San Francisco lawmakers unanimously approved a resolution that decriminalizes the use of psychedelics, such as psilocybin and ayahuasca. While this measure does not yet reverse the city’s criminal justice policy, it is a crucial first step toward this goal, urging police to treat psychedelics “amongst the lowest priority” and noting that the city should not use its resources “for any investigation, detention, arrest, or prosecution arising out of alleged violations of state and federal law regarding the use of Entheogenic Plants.” This achievement could not have happened without the work of Decriminalize Nature San Francisco, who helped advance the resolution and is also advocating for the decriminalization of psychedelics across the state. Elsewhere, the resolution serves as a model forward, as places like Aspen, Colorado, have begun collecting signatures to achieve the same. Read more about this at DoubleBlind magazine.

Image courtesy of Georgia Love/DoubleBlind

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