Original Bulgogi Sauce

Sisters Ann and Janet Chung combined their Korean roots and Texas upbringing to create their Original Bulgogi Sauce, a mouthwatering marinade flavored with toasted sesame seeds, garlic, black pepper and a hint of apple juice. Based on their family’s recipe, the sauce is gluten-free, kosher and very versatile; suitable with everything from barbecues to Korean staples and beyond.

Hot Garlic

Siblings Christina and Anthony Teav founded Mama Teav’s as a love letter to their mother (who fled war and genocide in Cambodia during the 1970s) and her beloved hot garlic sauce. Fiery and crisp, the sauce mixes local, organic California garlic fried in cold-pressed grapeseed oil with sun-dried, flame-roasted Cambodian chilis. The resulting recipe is an all-natural, vegan and gluten-free way to spice up a …

Gluten-Free Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Justin Gill, founder of Bachan, honed his family’s authentic sauce recipe in a way that honors the generations who made it before him. Their Japanese Barbecue sauce is a CH favorite and is also available gluten-free. It’s still packed with umami flavor from tamari soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and koji seed and is cold-filled to eliminate preservatives while maintaining longevity.