Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites

Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites compiles and contextualizes the pioneering work of sexual anthropologist and designer Betony Vernon. Written by Vernon, the book explores empowering, sensual design, jewelry as a form of the erotic and advice on how to use these tools to heighten pleasure. Tantalizing and riveting, the trove uncovers new sides to desire, sex and design.

Sex-Tech Highlights at CES 2020

From the wearable to the gamified, sex-centric products for all genders

At CES 2020, sex-tech companies occupy an entire corridor at the main event, representing categories from health and wellness to robotics—an advancement from CES 2019, where sex-tech was forbidden from official events and the show floor. Ranging from discreet and transportable to the obvious and impressively innovative, each product deserves representation at the event, and presently each draws serious attention. One such product is Osé, …

At-Home Artificial Insemination Tool

Typically, artificial insemination is a sterile, clinical process, but Polish designer Kamila Rudnicka is changing that with an at-home tool that doubles as a sex toy. This pink-hued dildo, called Way, allows those hoping to conceive to make insemination part of their sexual experience. It’s also a practical and playful way for the non-conceiving partner to be involved. The device can be used two ways: …