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Ingrown Eliminator Serum


Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung’s body-care brand, Fur, caters to an inclusive definition of beauty, whether its pro-skin or pro-bush—or both. Their Ingrown Eliminator serum is formulated with lactic acid, lavender oil, …

Perfect Styptic Balm


Packed in an easy-to-grip and retractable tube, Glyder’s hygienic Perfect Styptic Balm works on fresh shaving cuts. Their patent-pending formula uses anti-hemorrhagic agents which decreases post-shave bleeding, and incorporates healing ingredients like …

Double-Edge Razor


For those who wet shave with frequency or enjoy the process of grooming, there’s nothing like a refined, luxury razor. Aesop’s latest Double-Edge Razor happens to be one of the finest. The …

Fog-Free Shower Mirror


Shower shavers, rejoice. The Shave Well Company has come out with a deluxe version of their effective fog-free mirror that’s 33% bigger—and it still does what it promises: hangs, stays, doesn’t fog …