Six Products and Services That Make Every Day Easier

From the Gillette Shave Club to self-watering plant bowls, gifting and magic gadgets

Sponsored by Gillette

With countless products hitting the market constantly—all claiming to make everyday life a little quicker, easier and more efficient—it can be tough to wade through the noise and find something truly useful. The team at Gillette put us up to the task of finding six services and products that lend something genuinely helpful and special. Each of the following options aim to cut unnecessary corners and deliver extra-ease throughout the day. Whether you’re looking after your pets and plants, or working with a team member on the go, there’s real value here.

Gillette Shave Club

Ranging from $3.50 to $4.90 per blade a month, the Gillette Shave Club aims to keep mornings easy. Their replacement cartridges come via mail—with five cartridges per delivery of the Mach3 replacements, and four each for both their Fusion and Fusion ProGlide offerings. Shaving with an outdated blade can do damage, from irritation to cuts and scrapes—and remembering to buy grooming products can be tricky. With the Gillette Shave Club, their durable, dynamic blades come straight to your door with regularity. It also grants entry into the Gillette community—with benefits like deals and coupons, access to exclusive prizes from sports and entertainment partners like MLB, NFL or Marvel, as well as helpful grooming and style content.

Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage

For those always on the go, who also happen to need cloud connectivity, WiFi and ample storage space, Seagate has wowed many with their Wireless Plus Mobile Storage range (starting at $150). There’s enough connectivity here to stream three HD movies at the same time, from three different devices. On average, the device last for ten hours. And on top of it all, their base model starts with 500 GBs of storage. This traveling WiFi network is fast, and allows for syncing across all devices. It’s a mobile work hub and ages beyond the rest.

Quarterly Gifting

Thanks to social media, we are ever-more-aware of birthdays and holidays—and reminded of the need to give gifts. That doesn’t make gift-giving any easier. And while we spend our days populating the Cool Hunting Buy Guide, we’ve also found Quarterly to be a hub for accruing rare and wonderful gifts (some of which we often want to keep for ourselves). Quarterly lets you select a curator of your choice, who handpicks a series of items four times and a year and sends a package your way. It’s always a surprise and is guaranteed to be something special. Whether you are looking to treat yourself, snag rare things to regift, or to simply sign someone you love up for a series of surprises, Quarterly makes gifting easy.

The PikaPlant Tableau Plant Waterer

Plant-lovers rejoiced when Amsterdam’s Pikaplant released their watering shelf and self-sustaining jarred plants. It was hassle-free greenery touched with beautiful design. Now, they’ve released a new product, Tableau (€150), that’s furthered their self-watering innovations. Tableau comes with three ceramic pots, a glass reservoir, and a steel base with proprietary ebb-and-flow technology that balances a wet and dry water cycle. It keeps greens and herbs exposed to the outside world, while moderating watering. There’s also zero electricity involved. From the simplicity of design to the complexity of its processes, this is the future of self-watering planters.

Portiko Charger

More than a charger, this is a portable work station for those looking to plug in and get things done on the go. On one end, Portiko ($25) begins with a 45-degree angled plug. It then extends up to six feet and ends with two outlet and two USB ports. It can handle an array of electronic devices, enough for a portable office—whether you are working alone or with a teammate.

Healthy Pet Food Stations

Nothing can take the place of time spent with a pet, which is most certainly a life requirement. However, for those looking to keep feeding on a schedule that would otherwise get disrupted from time to time, the Healthy Pet Food Station ($25) stands as the best option. It functions like other timed, gravity-based pet food dispensers, but it is the first to support a replaceable stainless steel bowl—which, for sanitation and health reasons, is what vets recommend first and foremost. It’s spill and knock-over proof, and food distribution is adjustable based on the food requirements for the size of any pet.

Gillette Shave Club images courtesy of Gillette, other images courtesy of respective brands