Recipe for Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam

A natural oat-based product from the Swedish brand


Personal preference factors heavily into the world of shaving gels and foams. Some men prefer the clarity of gel, for its light skin coverage and visibility, but for those seeking a thick, rich lather there’s a new player in the foam game with Recipe for Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam, released online today. Blended to be attune to sensitive skin, it contains natural oat beta glucan which delivers an effective anti-irritation action. That, along with extracts of cinnamon, ginger and burnet means excess oil is syphoned away while keeping the skin sufficiently moisturized. Most importantly, it yields a very close, smooth shave.


Recipe for Men was founded in Sweden back in 2005, by three skier friends (one an Olympian) who wanted to develop products specifically for the way their skin felt after a day on the slopes. Geared toward active men, they began sourcing quality, all-natural ingredients and launched with just five products—since expanding to 18 in their homeland. The brand made its way stateside in 2012 and, while they already have a shaving gel on the market, they recognized that some men prefer the foam option. Thus, the Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam was born, and its density and well tested formula provide a highly efficient, luxurious shaving experience.

Recipe for Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam is available online for $18. Be sure to check out their entire range of products too.

Photos by David Graver