Apple, Google and Amazon Join Forces for More Connected Smart-Homes

A new coalition (which officially launches this year) between Apple, Google, Amazon and the Zigbee Alliance will result in most new devices being compatible with each aforementioned brands’ smart-home products. Setting an official standard for how products should coexist and connect will “make it easier both for consumers to build their ideal smart-home environment and also for manufacturers to develop new products.” That means one …

Apple’s AirPods Pro Are a Big Leap Forward

Beyond obvious design changes, the new buds prove far superior than previous generations

In 2016, when the first generation Apple AirPods debuted, customers across the board—from the audiophile to the podcast-obsessed—expressed concerns: What if they don’t sound great? What if they fall out? How long will they last on a single charge? Since then Apple has sold more than 65 million AirPods (through June 2019) and customers, overall, love their ease, reliability and functionality. Not long after a …

FKA Twigs Dances the Day Away in Spike Jonze Apple’s HomePod Film

In his most adventurous, imaginative short-form spot since the Kenzo commercial that swept the world, Spike Jonze returns with an advertisement for Apple’s HomePod. Within, FKA Twigs works her way through the monotony of life, only to dance the depression away in her apartment—which grows with her mood. It’s beautiful, well choreographed, a bit mend-bending—and it certainly makes clear what the HomePod’s music functionality is.