Creating a Smart Voice Assistant by Combining Siri and GPT-3

Web developer and creative technologist Mate Marschalko created an improved and intuitive smart voice-assistant by combining AI-system GPT-3 with Siri. Without having to write any code, Marschalko verbally coached GPT-3 to understand casual English, interpreting personal questions and recognizing common requests around the home. These responses were nested under “HomeKit” which he set up using a Siri shortcut. As he notes in his blog post, he tested it by telling the AI, “Just noticed that I’m recording this video in the dark in the office. Can you do something about that?” The smart assistant then turned on the lights. It even figures things out for itself. For example, Marschalko told the AI he wanted a temperature that would help him sleep and the smart assistant changed the thermostat to 19 degrees Celsius. Learn more about the impressive project at 9to5Mac.

Image courtesy of Mate Marschalko