Link About It: This Week’s Picks

East Coast skate culture, expanding reproductive health access, protein pulled from air and more news

Producing Protein From Air Using Solar Energy Helsinki-based cellular agriculture pioneer Solar Foods intends to produce 100 tonnes of their alternative protein, Solein, per year upon the forthcoming opening of their commercial-scale factory. This output could be transformed into four or five million meals annually. The food-tech company utilizes microbes harvested from soil, along with solar-powered electricity and air to create Solein. Pasi Vainikka, the …

William Strobeck’s Films Showcase the Art of Skateboarding

Play Dead is a recently released 53-minute skateboarding video by William Strobeck featuring Supreme team members Beatrice Domond, Sage Elsesser, Mark Gonzales, Tyshawn Jones and more. Like many of Strobeck’s films, Play Dead depicts more than impressive tricks (though they are abundant in the film); the filmmaker captures the excitement and concentration of the skaters who often turn to the hobby as a way to …

“Colors” Skateboard

From artist and skateboarder Jeffrey Cheung—who runs There Skateboards, an offshoot of  the SF-based collective Unity which represents and supports queer skaters—this “Colors” deck features his signature figurative art. Available in two sizes (8.25 or 8.5 inches), this skateboard has been made and designed with all types of skaters in mind.