William Strobeck’s Films Showcase the Art of Skateboarding

Play Dead is a recently released 53-minute skateboarding video by William Strobeck featuring Supreme team members Beatrice Domond, Sage Elsesser, Mark Gonzales, Tyshawn Jones and more. Like many of Strobeck’s films, Play Dead depicts more than impressive tricks (though they are abundant in the film); the filmmaker captures the excitement and concentration of the skaters who often turn to the hobby as a way to escape difficulties at home. “I just remember, looking back—being around the energy, and how excited they were, killed everything else that I wanted to do. It was the best, because I was like, what these kids are right now is what I believe is the most original, authentic thing about skating,” says Strobeck. Often highlighting undiscovered talent and East Coast skate culture, the filmmaker has been credited with helping launch several younger skaters’ careers. Play Dead is the first of his films to be shot entirely in NYC. Learn more about it at The New York Times.

Image courtesy of William Strobeck