A New Zine on Consent Created By Four Skateboarding Collectives

Ask Campaign Collective is a group comprised of four women and non-binary skate groups: Doyenne, Consent is Rad, Consent for Breakfast and Hera Skate. Together they produced Ask, an educational zine (whose profits go to Consent is Rad) that seeks to make the skating community safer and more inclusive. The zine, launched in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, tackles challenging and uncomfortable topics—like how to call out friends for questionable behavior, navigating pronouns and more—with real experiences from those in the scene. Ask’s elegant design, helmed by Glasgow-based Giulia Saporito, makes the conversations more accessible, as the minimalist, soft visuals are inviting rather than clinical. “Interacting with and speaking openly about campaigns like ours will help us form better habits with a better understanding of respecting each individual’s boundaries as unique and wholly important,” says the collective. Learn more about them and the zine at It’s Nice That.

Image courtesy of Giulia Saporito: Ask. Copyright © Ask Campaign Collective: Doyenne/Consent is Rad/Consent for Breakfast/Hera Skate (2022)