Plant-Based Botanic-Retinol Concentrate

Employing a plant-based alternative to Retinol called Bakuchiol, Blüh Alchemy botanic concentrate increases the body’s collagen production, making the skin tighter, firmer and smoother—without the side effects from the traditional chemical concentrate. The Ayurvedic Babchi plant (from which Bakuchiol is extracted) is just one of the 15 organic ingredients in this serum that hydrates and penetrates beyond the skin’s top layer. The light serum boasts …

Rose of No Man’s Land Hand Cream

BYREDO’s striking new fragrance Rose of No Man’s Land is named for the 1918 song “La Rose Sous les Boulets.” The scent boasts notes of rose petals, but it’s not overly floral—thanks to pink pepper, papyrus and white amber. As a hand cream, it is nourishing and rich to apply.

Maak Lab’s Soaps, Salves and More

Locally sourced, natural ingredients from the Pacific Northwest make for unlikely combinations

Drawing on their vegetation-rich surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, Portland-based Maak Lab crafts soaps, salves and candles with natural ingredients. With a focus on experimentation and pushing the bounds of scents and ingredients in such products, the brand lives up to its name. Plants play a central role, and seasonality is key to ensuring that the vibrance of every scent is as apparent in the …