Sans [Ceuticals], Potent Natural Skincare from NZ

Declutter the dresser top with this multi-functional and limited product range


When shopping around for new skincare products, the choices can be overwhelming. Day, night, SPF, oil-free, wrinkle-free, exfoliating—such words clutter up the vanity table, and are often more confusing than clarifying. Bringing things back to basics (and to nature) is New Zealand-based Sans [ceuticals], whose range is limited, but most products include multifunctional tips.

Take the Activator 7 Face, Body & Hair for example. The specially formulated oil is meant to hydrate anywhere, not just a single section of the body. With Vitamin A acting as the power ingredient, it works well for both skin and hair repair, while the oil also makes an effective eye-makeup remover. As a bonus, the residual vitamin A left on the skin works anti-aging magic. While testing it for the past few weeks, we found that the light oil—which has a pleasant, faint nutty scent—was quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated with little residue. “Our core proposition is to have a concise, multifunctional range. I have always felt overwhelmed and confused by oversized product ranges,” founder Lucy Marr tells CH. “I’m also very big on sustainable initiatives, this prompting me to be efficient and streamlined in the development of our Sans [ceuticals] range.”


Another notable feature of the line is the considered research and development that aims to use natural ingredients (100% biodegradable, 70% sourced locally) for potent, chemical-free products that show effective results. The packaging, which admittedly echoes skincare brand Aesop‘s minimalist uniform theme (meant to shine focus on what’s inside, not out), is also carefully considered: “I spent time with a professor of environmental management at Auckland University debating whether to go for glass or plastic,” says Marr. “The best option was PETG—the most recyclable and highest grade of cosmetic plastic. This is currently recycled into carpet, polar fleece and many more ingenious products.”

Sans [ceuticals] practices its own sustainability mantra in every aspect of its business: all of their printing uses vegetable-based ink, their office is powered by renewable energy and the brand also supports the New Zealand Wetlands Trust. Though the brand is based in NZ, there are plenty of stockists around the world. Keep an eye out for the next product, Ceutical Styling, which will launch in 2015.

Images courtesy of Sans [ceuticals]