Dream Spray

Made with tinctures of mugwort, Pacific dogwood, peppermint, holy basil and California poppy, Dream Spray promotes sleep, relaxation and (as its name implies) dreams. Each ingredient comes from ethically gathered and organically cultivated plants, and the formula also includes essential oils, grain alcohol and water. Simply spritz onto pillows before bed to encourage restful slumber or even on clothing to support meditation and creativity.

Eight Sleep’s Comfortable Pod Pro Smart Mattress Monitors Health

Through thermoregulation and app-connected biofeedback, this tech-forward product enhances sleep fitness

Anyone who has perused direct-to-consumer mattress options online understands just how many are out there, differentiating themselves through firmness, foam, coil or cushion. And, undeniably, many of them really are quite extraordinary and well-priced. But Eight Sleep—thanks to their Pod Pro smart mattress—sets itself apart in an almost unfathomable way. It’s a five-layer premium foam mattress that’s 12 inches deep, with an integrated contouring foam topper. It …

Interview: Guy Rocourt, Co-Founder of Cannabis Company, Papa & Barkley

An insightful view of wellness, with sleep as a new area of focus

When cannabis-based wellness brand Papa & Barkley launched in 2016, the world was a very different place. While Adam Grossman (co-founder and executive chairman) and Guy Rocourt (co-founder, president and chief product officer) and their team continue to focus on cannabis products that positively affect the mind and body, they’re also acutely aware of the different stresses of the “new” existence we’re collectively experiencing. It makes …