Stylish and Sophisticated Small-Batch Bar Soaps

From the whiskey-infused to the architectural, a list of cleansers with added value

While body washes, shower gels and bath oils have become exceedingly common, the humble bar of soap is experiencing a renaissance. Using much less plastic and packaging than liquid counterparts, bar soaps are oftentimes infused with natural ingredients, divine aromas and plenty of nourishing ingredients to keep your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Each brand listed below reimagines the unassuming, old-fashioned bar of soap, whether …

Miami Cocktail Company’s Suite of Pre-Made Cocktails

After bottling their first offerings, five new canned concoctions

Founded by Miami hospitality veterans Ross Graham and Simon Benstead, Miami Cocktail Company seeks to produce products that filled voids in the spirits and cocktail industries. Unsatisfied with the pre-made cocktail offerings available in liquor stores, the pair started crafting no-sugar-added, certified-organic, small-batch cocktails with the best ingredients they could find—and with subtle twists. Their first suite of products included a blood orange mimosa (with …

Virgo Cluster Soap

Made from a 100% vegetable base, these glycerine soaps—scented with an energizing citrus smell—are all-natural and colorful. They’re made in small batches in the Wary Meyers’s Maine studio, and no two look the same—but all are playfully bright.