Miami Cocktail Company’s Suite of Pre-Made Cocktails

After bottling their first offerings, five new canned concoctions

Founded by Miami hospitality veterans Ross Graham and Simon Benstead, Miami Cocktail Company seeks to produce products that filled voids in the spirits and cocktail industries. Unsatisfied with the pre-made cocktail offerings available in liquor stores, the pair started crafting no-sugar-added, certified-organic, small-batch cocktails with the best ingredients they could find—and with subtle twists.

Their first suite of products included a blood orange mimosa (with a California sparkling wine), a sunset sangria (with a Spanish red) and a copper pot margarita (with Blue Weber Agave wine)—all bottled and using these various wines as foundations. They ranged from 8.5-12% ABV and came in 750 ml bottles.

Their newest collection of beverages, which will be available this week on their website and coming soon to various stockists, are organic canned spritzes. The five are essentially spin-offs of their first iterations, but with more variation and more effervescence: rosé-based Mimosa, Bellini and Sangria spritzes and agave wine-based Margarita and Paloma spritzes.

Each is delectable in their own way, all without being overly sugary and each is low in alcohol (4.2%). They retain a sort of craft essence about them—in part because each has its own unique twist. The Bellini, for instance, features a delightful blend of fresh mango and peach. Their Margarita has added ginger that leaves a lasting warmth. Altogether, the five are excellent options for people seeking non-GMO and organic options—especially those that value convenience over handcrafting drinks for every single guest.

The bottled small batch cocktails ($15) and the canned spritzes ($13) are available on Miami Cocktail Company’s website.

Images courtesy of Miami Cocktail Company