Graham Hill’s Minimalist Single Family Tiny House Prototype, LifeEdited Maui

An off the grid, eco-friendly home on the idyllic island from the sustainability expert

“We’ve built these overwhelming lives for ourselves. Our bodies and our houses have ballooned. Many of us have a desire for a simpler life with less stuff,” TreeHugger founder Graham Hill says as he looks out over the green valley behind his new minimalist house in the dreamlike Haiku community of Maui, Hawaii. It’s early morning, not long after his daily morning meditation and gratitude …

Tesla Begins Solar Roof Sales

There are now two types of Tesla Solar Roof panels available for pre-order: smooth or textured glass tiles (both made from durable tempered glass). In the next six or so months, the other two proposed varieties, Tuscan and French Slate, should also become available for purchase. US deliveries are expected this year, and UK next. Though, the Tesla site says the panels will be available …

France Plans to Build 620 Miles of Solar Roads

France has announced plans to build over 600 miles of solar panel roads, joining the likes of the Netherlands and Korea in adopting the forward-thinking technology. The roads will generate enough energy to provide power for roughly 8% of the French population and will take about five years to complete. Head to Fast Company to learn more.