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The World’s First All-Electric RV, The Bowlus Volterra

Merging Scandinavian design, luxury and sustainability, California-based Bowlus has just launched the Volterra: the world’s first all-electric RV that can be kept off the grid entirely, thanks to solar-powered energy. Its electricity stems from AeroSolar, a lightweight yet efficient system that charges the RV while it’s being driven, absorbing up to 480 watts of energy and providing 65 miles of EV charging. It also powers Volterra’s sophisticated amenities like heated floors and high-speed internet. Surplus energy can even be transferred to other EVs. Priced at $310,000, the sleek RV can double as additional living space, as its spa-like ensuite, timber flooring and linen textiles provide comfortability as well as privacy. Learn more about the exciting vehicle at Dwell.

Image courtesy of Bowlus

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