Interview: Wayout Micro-Factories Co-Founder and Creative Director, Martin Renck

The brand's automated machines filter water and drastically reduce reliance on traditional production techniques

Swedish sustainable technology firm Wayout successfully engineered an all-encompassing, solar-powered brewing system—essentially a micro-factory—that’s available at a flat rate through a subscription plan. All of the machine’s processes are automated—filtering water (which can be done instantly) or brewing beer, soft drinks, sodas, ciders, and kombucha (which take seven to 10 days)—and can be monitored locally via a smartphone app or from the firm’s office in Stockholm. …

Boost Solar Backpack

BirkSun’s Boost Solar Backpack doesn’t just carry your devices in a sharp little package, it keeps them powered up with the help of a sleek solar panel on the back. The interior features a fleece-lined laptop sleeve and small, discreet dock to plug in computeres, tablets, smartphones, you name it.


The brilliant, solar-powered Skylock is designed to make commuting nice and easy. The intelligent Bluetooth- or Wifi-enabled lock helps to greatly prevent theft and a need for keys while encouraging bike sharing among friends and family. Debuting in 2015, Skylock is now available for pre-order.