Q & Q Solar-Powered Watches

Colorful, affordable timepieces requiring zero upkeep


Sometimes all you need from a watch is reliability and a little bit of vibrancy. Japanese brand Q & Q (which stands for quest and quality), founded in 1976 as part of
Citizen Watch Co., offers both with their new range of ultra-affordable SmileSolar pieces, now available globally. In a wide array of joyful color combinations, each watch carries personality and style that’s sharp enough for adults while plenty playful for younger owners. They also happen to be eco-friendly; both the strap and the case incorporate recycled materials, contributing to the brand’s awareness that a watch is a necessity that doesn’t need to be detrimental to the earth.


Perhaps best of all though is their ease of use. Powered by the sun, one single solar charge keeps the watch going for up to three and a half months, meaning upkeep is simple and hassle-free. There’s no need to change the battery, and no concern for making sure the watch is wound or moving. Each piece is also constructed with a waterproof casing, rendering it as functional as it is fun on the wrist. With a durable acrylic resin face and a polyurethane resin strap, the brand keeps the outdoors and active lifestyles at the core of the design as well.

To further add to the watch’s overall value, a portion of all sales are donated to
Table for Two, a non-profit that delivers meals to school children in Africa and Asia. You can purchase from the complete range of Quest & Quality watches online for $40.

Photos by David Graver