Solving the crisis of energy poverty one solar-powered lamp at a time


Launched on Indiegogo this month, Luci is a proposed sustainable light source for the three billion people around the world living without electricity. Designed by the group MPOWERD, Luci is the first in a series of solar-powered products the company hopes will address the crippling effects of energy poverty around the globe.


First and foremost, Luci hopes to provide families with a safe, green and affordable alternative to the widely-used kerosene lamp, whose open flame and toxic fumes pose a looming threat to the household. On the other hand Luci will provide families with access to a clean light source that’s also safe—Luci never heats up so that it is hot to the touch, making it suitable for both children and adults.


After up to five hours of charging in direct or indirect sunlight, Luci’s powerful solar panels are able to provide approximately 8-12 hours of enough vivid light to brighten an entire room. Among the solutions set forth by MPOWERD are additional hours for businesses to remain open and students to have more time to do homework.


The fixture can withstand the dings of everyday life and the elements with a completely collapsable frame and waterproof design, and is equipped with two power levels as well as an emergency flashlight setting, making it easy to conserve battery life and adjust the lamp to suit the user’s needs. Ultimately, Luci is a simple product that is able to make dramatic increases to the quality of life of its end user and the greater global community.

Fundraising now on Indiegogo, MPOWERD hopes to raise $50,000 to put towards increasing Luci’s distribution as well as further research and development. You can check out their website as well to learn more information about Luci’s development.

Images courtesy of MPOWERD