Sundance Film Festival 2022: Five New Frontier Highlights

Projects and performances that comprise the pioneering VR, AR and immersive program

From a virtual spaceship floating high above planet Earth is where (avatars of) attendees of Sundance 2022 will once again enter New Frontier—the film festival’s pioneering program of virtual, augmented and immersive works. Until roughly a week ago, programmers, volunteers and many ticket-holders planned to be on location in Park City, Utah, where New Frontier intended to construct a “Biodigital Bridge” that allowed passersby of their physical hub …

Story Box: Create Your Own Fairytale

This eight-foot-long fairytale puzzle lets a group of players craft their own story from 20 inter-changable pieces, printed on both sides. Imagined by author Anne Laval and released by the Laurence King publishing house, each Story Box includes colorful fairytale characters, scenes and scenarios. The collaborative game taps into imagination and emphasizes the importance of storytelling.

Storytelling Can Usher Us Into an Eco-Friendly Future

Swedish journalist and chief storyteller for Sweden’s Viable Cities Program, Per Grankvist believes that specialized storytelling (which varies from city to city) will be what actually convinces large population groups to make more eco-friendly changes to their lifestyles. Rather than advertising a future in which cars fly and eating meat is illegal, Grankvist wants to make the conversation more human and centered on minute actions …