Storytelling Can Usher Us Into an Eco-Friendly Future

Swedish journalist and chief storyteller for Sweden’s Viable Cities Program, Per Grankvist believes that specialized storytelling (which varies from city to city) will be what actually convinces large population groups to make more eco-friendly changes to their lifestyles. Rather than advertising a future in which cars fly and eating meat is illegal, Grankvist wants to make the conversation more human and centered on minute actions that can make a difference. He insists that while we must make fundamental changes to avoid the damning results of climate change, the future does’t need to be a wild evolution of today. “You can use approaches such as [portraying] the story of someone’s day—something pretty normal, like taking your bike to kindergarten, dropping your kids off, and then jumping on an electric bus to work,” he tells CityLab. “When you look closer, however, there’s a whole bunch of sustainable, climate-neutral solutions going on. That tells the inhabitants of Malmö that the future isn’t entirely frightening. We won’t have flying cars. It will be fairly similar, even though we have to make some fundamental changes.” Read more there.