TTL Type-2 Jacket

Denim Tears, Stüssy and Our Legacy came together to create a capsule collection celebrating their distinct streetwear style and roots: Jamaica,  Queens in NYC; Laguna Beach, California; and Stockholm, Sweden, respectively. Featured in the collection is the TTL Type-2 Jacket (available in black or white) which takes Levi’s signature silhouette and transforms it into a harmonious hodgepodge of the trio’s hometowns, styles and crests.

Divid Mid

Flirting between combat boots and mid-top sneakers, the Divid Mid is a collaborative project between Muscovite designer Xenia Telunts and planet-conscious footwear brand Primury. The collaborators combined a gender-neutral ethos with a belief in long-lasting quality to create these organic canvas sneakers, which nod to the USSR principle of doing more with less. Price is in Pounds.

Fleece Shorts

The sixth of KITH and Columbia’s collaborations has just launched, and our pick from the highly sought-after collection—known as EEA aka Element Exploration Agency—are the fleece shorts. Available in two colorways (red hibiscus or cyber purple), they’re enzyme stonewashed and crafted 450 GSM cotton fleece. The drawstring closure and loose fit means they’re fit for all kinds of summer adventures.