Balenciaga’s Speed Trainers Push Footwear Forward

Sock sneakers are appearing in every fashion city and beyond, Marc Bain notes for Quartz. Luxury brands have adopted this relatively recent (perhaps comfort-driven) style from sportswear, though the sock-like components are certainly emphasized now more than ever. As Bain makes clear, no brand embodies this more than Balenciaga, with their $595 to $695 Speed Trainers. The brand, known for taking on unusual inspiration (Crocs, Bernie Sanders, etc), has been so successful that many iterations have sold well—and many other brands have replicated their style closely. These aren’t such knitted sneakers, they’re something more—much like sweatpants for the feat, says Bain. To see the evolution of it all and learn more, head over to Bain’s piece at Quartz.