Jeff Staple on Making His First Book, “Jeff Staple: Not Just Sneakers”

Published by Rizzoli, this monograph doubles as a treasure trove of archival design and a guidebook to how it's done

In the world of streetwear and sneakers, Jeff Staple (aka Jeff Ng) is a man who needs no introduction. Founder and designer of the pioneering clothing brand STAPLE, founder of the creative agency Reed Art Department (RAD) and the brains behind the iconic Nike Pigeon Dunk SB, the multi-hyphenate’s spirit, style and story have shaped footwear and fashion into what it is today. Now, on …

Sportswear Vest

Bringing elevated design to fishing gear, Columbia Sportswear and BAIT have collaborated on the Sportswear Vest. The khaki mesh garment is accented by pale yellow pockets and dusty pink zippers, making it functional for fishing but stylish enough for beyond the dock.

Sneaker Brand Lilith NYC Centers Women and Femmes in Streetwear

In an industry riddled with gender disparity, this Queens, NY-based brand is changing what sneaker culture looks like

Though they are regularly worn by any and all genders, highly covetable streetwear sneakers are branded, stylized and shaped for men. “If you look at the history of most athletic brands, they’re rooted in male sports, male athletes. All the footwear silhouettes are built for them,” says Sarah Sukumaran, the founder of the Queens-based sneaker company Lilith NYC. “The Sheryl Swoopes basketball shoe is the …