Sneaker Brand Lilith NYC Centers Women and Femmes in Streetwear

In an industry riddled with gender disparity, this Queens, NY-based brand is changing what sneaker culture looks like

Though they are regularly worn by any and all genders, highly covetable streetwear sneakers are branded, stylized and shaped for men. “If you look at the history of most athletic brands, they’re rooted in male sports, male athletes. All the footwear silhouettes are built for them,” says Sarah Sukumaran, the founder of the Queens-based sneaker company Lilith NYC. “The Sheryl Swoopes basketball shoe is the …

Mascot Tiger Pink Rug

Hong Kong-based streetwear brand RAW EMOTIONS released their signature tiger rugs in a refreshed cotton-candy color. Available in small, medium and large sizes, this pastel pink accessory comprises 100% polyester microfiber that is enlivened by blue, red and yellow detailing. Price reflects size medium.

Interview: James Pawson, Sportswear Apparel Designer at Rapha

The London-based brand combines contemporary style with performance cycling gear in their new City Collection

Back in 2004, Rapha upended the cycling apparel industry when they started making gear that was more stylish, comfortable and innovative—rebuffing the garish (often juvenile) styles that dominated at the time. From using Merino wool—and updating it by blending it with synthetics for less sag and faster drying—to featuring upscale elements found in designer garments, the brand’s dedication to premium fabric, construction and sophisticated aesthetics …