The Homophobia Found in Streetwear Culture Today

As Tiffany Godoy writes for Highsnobiety, streetwear was “once the bastion of counter culture fringe populations, including early skaters, surfers, graffiti artists, punks and hip-hop artists. Most people that wore the product contributed to the scene, giving one real street cred that aligned you with a like-minded community.” That’s no longer the case. Citing thousands of unfollows and homophobic comments on their Instagram following a post in support of queer iconoclast Tom of Finland—as well as similar behavior on Hypebeast, Complex and Thrasher Magazine—Godoy calls out rampant, sometimes violent incidents throughout the culture, which is due in part to the fact that it has become mainstream. Read more about the angry voices, the role of the luxury industry and how brands may be able to help at Highsnobiety.

Image courtesy of the Tom of Finland Foundation