Carve Tarifa Electric Surfboard

One of the two most recents additions to the roster of Swedish electric surfboard producer Radinn, the smaller Carve Tarifa model (measuring 5’10” long) weighs substantially less and offers sharper turning. This is an advanced jetboard option and goes from zero to 25mph in 9.7 seconds. Radinn also lets users customize the board, if they’re seeking longer range or more advanced mobility.

Vans Duct Tape Festival Keeps Longboarding Alive

Two-time ASP Longboard World Champion Joel Tudor spearheads the annual Hawaiian event

In the longboard community, the money’s not the primary concern. This is according to someone who should know better than just about anyone else: Joel Tudor, a two-time ASP Longboard World Champion. “There’s not a lot of opportunity and a lot of the kids that you see will be riding the same board for a year or two years and it’ll be beaten to shit …

Studio Tour: Grain Surfboards Partners With Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In Maine, two brands unite for an exclusive collaborative product

While it might seem insane, the best surf for Northeasterners occurs in the colder months—thanks to the Atlantic’s hurricane season. From October through December, the East Coast is battered incredible glass-smooth waves and it’s not uncommon to see a slew of wet-suited bodies bobbing up and down in the water in York, Maine—like we did when we visited recently. And some of those surfers might be …