Zero Gravity Storage Racks

Maximize ceiling space with the help of air compression technology

For anyone living in cramped quarters or with too much stuff (notably seasonal gear), Zero Gravity Racks offer a solution. First, it maximizes ceiling space by resting high up on the wall and laying parallel to the surface. Second, it pulls itself up there by way of air compression technology. Owners affix it to the wall, and hoist their belongings onto it. The rest, the rack takes care of. When the rack lowers, a gas strut compresses air. When a safety lock is disengaged, the strut lifts it all back up. It’s that simple. The rack comes in three sizes, with the smallest supporting 29 pounds and the largest 38 to 50 pounds. While Zero Gravity Racks are recommended for bikes, the company has a range of attachments to allow for other equipment. But really, we foresee many innovative uses.

As it’s already fully funded, you can score a Zero Gravity Rack, on Kickstarter now, with a $119 early bird pledge. Delivery is expected in January 2017.

Images courtesy of Mark Canavarro