“Be Gay Do Crime” Shirt

Centralia, Pennsylvania-based artist Bum Lung collaborated with online, sweatshop-free merchandise shop Punk With A Camera to create a series of tops featuring their “Be Gay Do Crime” artwork. Available as a cropped, long-sleeve or regular T-shirt; sweater; tank; crewneck sweater or hoodie, the art reclaims the ways in which queer people have been stereotyped and scapegoated for problems in society. All proceeds from sales go …

Internet Herstory T-Shirt

Manhattan’s women-centric co-working and community space, The Wing, is about to expand to Brooklyn and DC. They’ve also stocked up their online store with an abundance of positive message-bearing items. One favorite is a recent collaboration with Inner Decay, the “Internet Herstory” T-Shirt. The boxy cut makes it unisex, so this is certainly for feminists of all genders.

Diane Inc’s Larry David T-Shirt

Avoid awkward conversations with the "Anti-Social Club" top by the Melbourne-based brand

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and spending time with work colleagues, immediate family, in-laws, second cousin’s children, etc. The tidal wave of small talk can become too much for introverts and quiet types, so if you want to send a message without actually saying anything, simply don this “Larry David’s Smile” T-shirt by Melbourne-based Diane Inc for the next mandatory festive event. Made from …