Sharks of Perth T-Shirt

Artist Leonie Brailey speaks up about the controversial Australian shark cull by way of a very sweet item of clothing

SharksOfPerth-01.jpg SharksOfPerth-02.jpg

In response to the strongly protested and illogical shark cull in Western Australia, Melbourne-based artist and musician Leonie Brailey has created a delightfully sweet “Sharks of Perth” T-shirt. Featuring various types of sharks—gently exuding very different personalities—the top is playful but grants weight to an important environmental issue; thanks to Sandra the hammerhead, Shaun the bull shark and their mates. With each purchase, $10 will be donated to The Australian Marine Conservation Society, which serves to protect creatures that call the ocean home. According to figures gathered last month, so far 104 sharks have been caught using baited drum lines during the cull in an attempt to punish the animals for simply being what they are. The cause is worthy and the T-shirts are cute, simple yet dynamic—an apparel purchase with a point.

To inquire about purchasing a “Sharks of Perth” T-shirt (for $30 AUD), visit Leonie Brialey online. Found thanks to The Thousands.

Illustration courtesy of Leonie Brailey, portrait by Sally Bower