Diane Inc’s Larry David T-Shirt

Avoid awkward conversations with the "Anti-Social Club" top by the Melbourne-based brand


‘Tis the season for holiday parties and spending time with work colleagues, immediate family, in-laws, second cousin’s children, etc. The tidal wave of small talk can become too much for introverts and quiet types, so if you want to send a message without actually saying anything, simply don this “Larry David’s Smile” T-shirt by Melbourne-based Diane Inc for the next mandatory festive event.

Made from 100% soft spun cotton, the comedian’s face is sketched on the back (complete with a smiley face on his forehead) and the words “Larry David Anti-Social Club” scribbled on the front. Available in white or yellow, the T-shirt retails for $45 AUD and Diane Inc offers free shipping Australia-wide, and very reasonable rates for postage elsewhere. As David would say: “Pretty, pretty, pretty good.” Now leave us alone, Uncle Ned.

Images courtesy of Diane Inc