Wood Stool

From Avocado Green Mattress, this classic timber stool is full of whimsical curves—but it’s more than a playful side table, it’s also a testament to sustainable luxury. Crafted exclusively from upcycled and durable beechwood at their factory in Los Angeles, the stool stems from the brand’s Zero Waste collection and is finished with non-toxic materials and eco-friendly wood stains.

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How Indigenous People are Reclaiming Water Rights Water is not only a basic necessity; for many Indigenous peoples, it holds spiritual and cultural significance. However, colonialism and extractive industries separated Indigenous people from their waterways, contaminating them while endangering historical and cultural sites. Over the years, Indigenous groups like The Pueblo Action Alliance have found ways to reclaim their water rights. Currently, they are fighting …

A Vision for Inside and Outside from Rottet Collection at ICFF 2022

Architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet debuts kinetic furnishings at this year's fair

Among the halls of NYC’s Jacob Javits Center, the 2022 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (aka ICFF) portioned the sprawling space into microcosmic visions of design. There, architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet, co-founder of Rottet Studio, debuted an array of impressive furnishings in her eponymous Rottet Collection. Introduced in 2017, Rottet Collection began as a way to meet the designer’s need to furnish commissioned single-family residential and …