Museum Attendance Under the Beyoncé Effect

With Art Newspaper’s annual international survey, Art’s Most Popular, to be published this week, details are already emerging about a milestone year in attendance. The Louvre saw more than a quarter more visitor than in previous years—a boost attributed to the Beyoncé and Jay-Z music video “Apeshit.” Elsewhere, the Tate Modern surpassed the British Museum for the first time in nine years. Portraits of President and …

Playground for Adults at the Tate Modern

Featuring three-seater swings that encourage visitors to work together and interact, “One Two Three Swing!” at the Tate Modern is essentially a playground for adults. Created by Danish design studio Superflex, the show is colorful and very playful, but also “invites audiences to combat social apathy through collaborative action.” Read more at Mashable.

The Tate Modern: Live Art

An exploration of the relationship between artist and audience

Two years ago Maria Abramović wowed an array of visitors at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art with her emotionally engaging, 736-hour staring contest, “The Artist Is Present.” This powerful display of human connectivity caused a major shift in the conventional outlook on performance art. Now, at London’s Tate Modern, artist Tino Sehgal is continuing to explore creative interaction with his new live art installation in …