Holiday Gift Guides 2020: Tasting Wanderlust

Cookbooks and candy, spices and snacks, booze and breads that take you on a trip

Whether or not you know your way around a kitchen, it can be easy to unlock the room’s potential as a portal to another place or time. We aren’t traveling right now, but our palates can and it’s a safe and satisfying way to explore the world. Taste and scent provoke memory, so a sip of a local hot chocolate might call to mind a …

Organic Turmeric Honeybush Tea

From actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia’s House of Waris botanicals brand, the Organic Turmeric Honeybush tea blends rooibos with ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and bee pollen, as well as turmeric and honey bush. Each package contains 15 sachets to steep individually for five to seven minutes in order to achieve ideal flavor.

Four-Tea Variety Pack

Taiwanese tea purveyor Us Two Tea, founded by Shanghai-born Maggie Ranmu Xue, directly sources leaves from three small family-owned farms—all of which they have strong relationships with. Each farm forgoes chemicals and pesticides and processes their tea leaves on-site through traditional practices. Us Two’s four-tea variety pack includes five bags each of BaoZhong Tea, Black Tea, Jasmine Tea and Oolong Tea. Each is packaged in sustainable, …