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Sorapot 2 Teapot by Joey Roth

The innovative industrial designer reimagines his first ever product with impressive results


Though it’s been discontinued for two years and nearly a decade since its introduction, industrial designer Joey Roth‘s first product, the Sorapot teapot, continues to enchant with a wonderfully organic shape and visually stimulating design. And now, after four years of dedicated attention, Roth excitedly introduces Sorapot 2, a more efficient, redesigned version of the original. As an avid tea drinker, Roth has long been drawn to the ritual of brewing loose-leaf tea, which he feels extends beyond the physical process. “What I love so much about tea is that the visual aspect is as much a part of the experience as the taste.” And with the Sorapot 2, all is on display as glass makes up 75% of the total surface area.


As Roth’s first design (done while still in design school), the original Sorapot was constrained by both manufacturing technology and a lack of experience. The latter of which Roth has gained in leaps and bounds since, while the former has advanced significantly as well. Though Roth continues to use the same manufacturer as he did years ago with the teapot’s first iteration, by switching to a new process of using 3D-printed wax molds he’s found new freedom. “You can see it in the shape—theres a subtly of curvature and precision of curvature that in the previous version would have been lost in production,” he explains. Not only does the process allow for more expressive design, it also allows for more efficient manufacturing as well. Sorapot 2 uses half the materials as Sorapot 1, making it much lighter—a difference you can feel, Roth says. “The original design was clunkier than I would have liked. This version solves that.”


In both the original and updated designs, the Sorapot is a genuinely unique, innovative design that’s become nearly as synonymous with Roth’s name as his ceramic speakers. Though unlike the speakers, the teapot has a less crowded and more timeless arena in which to play. “A teapot is like a chair, it’s such a basic object. So the designer’s voice really comes through,” explains Roth. And the Sorapot 2 holds no shortage of voice.

Available for pre-order today, 16 July 2014, the Sorapot 2 sells for $285 directly from Joey Roth online.

Images courtesy of Joey Roth


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