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Eau D’Écran


When the founder of Apagota emailed us about the brand we were dubious but happy to check it out. We’ve tried so many screen cleaners, most of which worked OK but were …

Twelve South

HiRise Pro


From the innovative team at Twelve South comes the first height-adjustable and MagSafe-compatible MacBook stand: the HiRise Pro. This sleek accessory boasts an ergonomic setup and the ability to lift a device …

Expressive E

Osmose Synthesizer


Osmose is a standalone polyphonic synthesizer from Montreuil-based Expressive E, a French manufacturer that aims to make next-generation musical instruments that are both tech-forward and intuitive. Produced in collaboration with Haken Audio, …

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An AR Headset That Locates Hidden Items

X-AR is an augmented reality headset that combines computer vision and wireless perception to help wearers find hidden objects. Workers trying to locate specific products to fulfill e-commerce orders, for instance, could …