Free Crowd-Sharing and Search Platform for 3D Printing, Thangs

Both an app and website, Thangs is the largest 3D design search platform to allow users to find and download printable models in various formats as well as collaborate on the design of models. Their diverse catalog (which their community contributes to) removes the time and labor it takes to find the right model, letting users search by text, file type, printability or by uploading models to the site to find similar ones—the only platform with this search capability. Thangs is also the first platform to have a 3D model collaboration tool, dubbed Thangs Workshop. It allows teams and creators to track changes to their designs, view side-by-side comparisons, geometric revisions, x-ray vision and more. Best of all, the platform is free, with an unrestricted number of model downloads. Learn more at Interesting Engineering.

Image courtesy of Thangs