The Future Perfect + Hiro Clark Hoodie

From LA-based clothing and accessories brand Hiro Clark, this classic black long-sleeve hooded sweatshirt comes adorned with the logo (albeit upside down) of acclaimed contemporary design gallery The Future Perfect. Made in Canada from 100% French Terry of the utmost quality, the ultra-soft hoodie features a comfortable, relaxed cut. This apt collaborative capsule includes a 100% combed cotton jersey T-shirt, too.

Colored Bulbous Wine Glasses

Designed by London-based Jochen Holz, these delightfully colorful and wonky wine glasses make dinner parties feel extra playful. Available in sets of four, they’re free-blown using the incalmo technique (incalmo translates to “graft” in Venetian dialect) which fuses two parts together. Made from borosilicate glass, they’re a little sturdier than regular glass—but their handcrafted nature (and price) means they’re still very precious. Price is in …

Bower Studios’ Limited Edition Concrete Melt Chair

A mind-bending material evolution for the brand's reimagined The Future Perfect piece

Brooklyn-based Bower Studios‘ limited edition Melt Chair (now in concrete and chrome-plated brass, after an initial marble and antique brass release) defies expectation. It does so by rising up at the juncture of art and design, function and observation, and even perception and reality. These contrasts—and the more obvious dialogue between its sets of materials—overlap into an imaginative, expressive representation of a chair that’s greater than its parts. “The …