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Techno Chair


Minimal but expressive, DIMOREMILANO’s Techno Chair marries a concrete and brushed steel base with a plexiglass backrest. Three chromed metal screws—embellished with engraved stars—unite these components. The Milan-based design studio first debuted …

Hiro Clark

The Future Perfect + Hiro Clark Hoodie


From LA-based clothing and accessories brand Hiro Clark, this classic black long-sleeve hooded sweatshirt comes adorned with the logo (albeit upside down) of acclaimed contemporary design gallery The Future Perfect. Made in …

Jochen Holz

Colored Bulbous Wine Glasses


Designed by London-based Jochen Holz, these delightfully colorful and wonky wine glasses make dinner parties feel extra playful. Available in sets of four, they’re free-blown using the incalmo technique (incalmo translates to …

Marble Candleholder


Brooklyn-based experimental design duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams are well-known for creating functional art pieces that surprise. Finding the ideal balance between playfulness and elegance are their latest products—created exclusively for …