The Future Perfect Fall Update

Designer highlights from the NYC boutique


Since it was founded in 2003 the NYC shop The Future Perfect has become known for championing emerging designers and artists with its eclectic collection of high end furniture and playful design objects. Last week, the store ushered in a new season with a wide range of new—and in many cases exclusive—products available this fall.


Among the standout pieces are new stools and tables by the self-taught artist Alma Allen. Known primarily for his abstract sculpture, Allen handcrafts his one-of-a kind furniture near his home in Joshua Tree, California, constructing his bronze pieces in his own foundry and forming his walnut tables from locally salvaged wood. Allen’s furniture—including the limited edition bronze table—is exclusively available at The Future Perfect, which also carries his wooden and bronze bowls.


Decolorized mohair rugs from Golran’s “Carpet Reloaded” represent another eye-catching addition to the store. The Milan-based company salvages and restores 19th-century Persian carpets using traditional techniques. Each of its decolorized rugs goes through a bleaching and re-dyeing process, resulting in unpredictable color variation, and any holes in the rugs are filled with tufts of brightly colored mohair.


With the exception of the stunning, deep purple, 92″x132″ carpet hanging on the wall, the Golran rugs are displayed on the floor, under furniture and feet—something that The Future Perfect owner Dave Alhadeff was initially hesitant to do until he was reassured by the manufacturer. “He said, ‘Put them on the floor,'” Alhadeff says. “‘They’re hundreds of years old. Whatever they’ve been through, they’ve been through. They can withstand it, believe me. They’ve had dirty feet on them before.'”


Brooklyn ceramic artist Michele Quan, who specializes in objects for the home and garden, introduces an exclusive new series of crystal-shaped slipcast stones to the store. Quan surprised Alhadeff by creating an angular ceramic flower-shaped object especially for TFP, after he admired a smaller version in her studio. “I saw this flower that she had just kind of sitting there, and I was like, ‘I love that, Michele,'” Alhadeff says. “And she said, ‘Really? I didn’t even think about it.'”

future-perfecta.jpg future-perfectb.jpg

Another set of ceramic pieces come from LA-based artist David Korty, who is known primarily for his abstract cityscape paintings. Characterized by a folk art sensibility, Korty’s Dark Blue Extrusions, Trout, and Alphabet Pot are available for purchase in New York only at TFP.


An assortment of other new objects epitomize TFP’s penchant for humor and whimsy, including a new set of monoprints by graphic artist Mark McGinnis, life-size knit stuffed creatures by Donna Wilson and London-based designer Finn Magee‘s LED-enhanced Flat Light and Flat Time wall hangings, which double as fully functioning desk lamp or alarm clock.

Check out other new work by Richard Saja, Robert Lewis, Chen-Williams, and others at either the Brooklyn or Manhattan The Future Perfect locations.