Travel Kit

Comprising crystals, a wearable evil eye and smokeless smudge, this travel kit from Sage & Salt contains items designed to transform every final destination into a welcome one. Each component—from the smoke-free spritz to the black salt—aims to support the clearing of bad energy and anxiety while helping to maintain alertness, ultimately keeping travelers feeling grounded and secure.

Road Trip: Pittsburgh to Philadelphia

Crossing Pennsylvania with stops throughout the state

The drive across Pennsylvania—beginning in Pittsburgh and ending in Philadelphia—is notoriously dull if you adhere to the statewide Turnpike aka America’s Super Highway, built in 1940. The ride isn’t that long (just under five hours) but its design prohibits small businesses and sightseeing destinations from populating its path. When embarking on this trip, we suggest making a few stops in the beginning for breakfast and …

Word of Mouth: Williamstown + the Surrounding Berkshires

From northwestern Massachusetts to southern Vermont, idyllic towns of cultural prominence

Home to Williams College and two nationally lauded cultural attractions—The Clark Art Institute (which now features a free, year-round outdoor exhibition, Ground/work) and an eponymous Theatre Festival—Williamstown, Massachusetts anchors an idyllic section of the Berkshire Mountains. Williamstown is more than a historic New England outpost surrounded by pastoral beauty; it’s the eye in a storm of exciting culinary explorations, hospitality ventures and world-class art—some of which can …