Flighty Makes Air Travel Less Stressful

This app provides super-fast notifications and an abundance of information

Ideal for frequent flyers and aviation enthusiasts alike, Flighty launched a few years ago and we’ve been using it ever since to prepare for and navigate our travels. The app is free to download and to use in order to track basic flight information, but there’s much more—from inbound flight-tracking to taxi wait times at airports. Their delay predictions are especially thorough, as they automatically monitor your aircraft 25 hours prior to departure. Based on the tail number for a flight, Flighty finds and reports the status of that plane’s prior flight and its age and, based on the route flying, it also checks flight histories to report likeliness of on-time departures. Flighty even has FAA access to follow the most accurate airspace information. All this information is distilled and users receive timely alerts; in fact, the service claims to send notifications four times faster than other flight apps.

Users can manually enter their next flight into the app by searching for it,  forward their email itinerary or use TripIt Sync if they have a TripIt account. From there, they will have access to plenty of information to keep their travels as stress-free as possible—something we all want, especially through the holidays and now, a period when many people are heading to airports for the first time in a while.

Though its abundance of information and helpful use of notifications make Flighty useful, its design makes it easy and pleasurable to use. With attractive maps and simple navigation, the user experience works with the overarching goal to make traveling less stressful and ultimately much more enjoyable. And at the end of each year Flighty offers a beautifully laid-out travel summary that’s easily sharable.

Images courtesy of Flighty