From The Series (founded and designed by Ella Wiznia), these scarves are one of a kind, handmade and embody the brand’s “granny” style. Crafted from vintage crochet blankets, acrylic blend yarn and 100% recycled thread, each piece is colorful and delightfully off-kilter. Because they are made individually and from existing fabrics, all the scarves are unique and measure between 64 and 84 inches long.

The World’s First “Upcycled” Skyscraper

In 2014, the AMP Centre—formerly the tallest building in Sydney, Australia—was slated for demolition. After realizing the environmental consequences and CO2 output this would cause, the owners opened an architectural competition to see how the building could be “upcycled” instead. This year, the renewed building, designed by 3XN, opened as an expanded 49-story skyscraper that has been named World Building of the Year 2022 by …

Field Mag + Greater Goods Limited Edition Upcycled Chalk Bags

For climbers and outdoor explorers, 20 pieces made from reclaimed technical outerwear

Inspired by the NYC climbing scene, London-based Greater Goods and design-led outdoor publication Field Mag collaborated on a collection of limited edition upcycled chalk bags for climbers. It’s the first series of its kind from the brand, which emphasizes sustainability through its coveted releases. This US-exclusive drop is limited to 20 pieces: 10 chalk bags and 10 buckets. Every item has been cut and sewn …