Field Mag + Greater Goods Limited Edition Upcycled Chalk Bags

For climbers and outdoor explorers, 20 pieces made from reclaimed technical outerwear

Inspired by the NYC climbing scene, London-based Greater Goods and design-led outdoor publication Field Mag collaborated on a collection of limited edition upcycled chalk bags for climbers. It’s the first series of its kind from the brand, which emphasizes sustainability through its coveted releases. This US-exclusive drop is limited to 20 pieces: 10 chalk bags and 10 buckets. Every item has been cut and sewn from 100% upcycled technical outerwear by Jaimus Tailor, the founder of Greater Goods.

“From concept to final product, this has been a true collaboration. It’s taken a full year of Zoom calls and Instagram DMs discussing colorways and testing prototypes in New York and London to bring it to life,” Field Mag co-founder and COOL HUNTING alum Graham Hiemstra tells us. “We’re psyched to not only introduce a new line of fully functional, unique bags with Greater Goods, but to do so sustainably without creating any new waste makes every bit of effort well worth it.” Hiemstra adds that though they were designed with climbers in mind, these bags will support anyone who needs to tote water bottles, keys and more.

Explore the collection online now, where chalk buckets retail for $99 and bags for $75.

Images courtesy of Hiram Trejo