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The most suffocating sensations within all political systems are feeling voiceless, quieted or unheard. Tech companies like Countable are doing an excellent job at keeping everyone updated on how our politicians are voting, in a transparent and non-partisan way. But many are unaware of how to get a message to those politicians beforehand. Of course, there’s calling and emailing, and and MoveOn both allow …

Warby Parker’s Luminary Collection

Warby Parker’s latest addition to its line-up of affordable frames features Japanese titanium and retro styling. The new Luminary Collection—a nod to the classic aviator frame—is comprised of five styles: the Abbott, Lionel, Upshaw, York and Dempsey and is available in bronze, silver, navy or gold with regular optical or sunglasses lens options. The full set is available now on Warby Parker, starting at $145.