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Warby Parker Basso Collection

Inspired by low-relief sculpting techniques, spring eyewear that carries a bit more weight and depth


Building on their reputation for pushing boundaries in the eyewear game, NYC-based Warby Parker launches a new line that employs a production technique previously unused in the space. The Basso Collection is named for the Italian sculpting technique Basso-Relievo, or low-relief sculpting. Layering two types of acetate, one level is carefully cut to reveal the second color. Additionally, the technique gives the frames a noticeably more substantial, weighted feel—which only lends to the stately look.


“Essentially what we did was layer a tortoise and a single color acetate together and cut down the first layer to the color in the back,” Director of Product Strategy Shannon Malone tells CH. “There’s a bit of precision involved with the process—some extra steps in the manufacturing process—but it’s actually very simple, which adds to the beauty.” For the brand’s design direction, drawing influence from eclectic sources is part of a continued effort to innovate in the eyewear space. “We were inspired by artisan approaches to art and sculpture and even architectural design elements,” adds Warby Parker co-founder and CEO Dave Gilboa. “We’re introducing new techniques to eyewear production and design and we’re looking outside the traditional eyewear and fashion industry for design and production inspiration.”

The Basso Collection from Warby Parker includes popular existing shapes in the lineup including the Duckworth, Winston and Percy. Available today, 24 February 2015, Basso Collection frames start at $145.

Images courtesy of Warby Parker


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