The Frank Clegg Travel Tote Bag

Manchester, UK-based clothing brand Private White VC’s collaborative weatherproof tote bag with American leatherworker Frank Clegg is sleek and functional. Handmade in Massachusetts, the tote pairs vegetable tanned leather patches, buffed and polished edges and a bevy of zippered and internal pockets with Ventile, an absorbent cotton material that’s often used in tech-forward outerwear.

Australia’s 520-Foot-Long Bridge Houses a Flood-Proof Museum

Habitable bridges, or bridges that have buildings within them, used to be commonplace during the Renaissance but have since fell out of popularity. South of Sydney on the east coast of Australia, Kerstin Thompson Architects revived the 520-foot-long bridge that not only houses the Bundanon Art Museum but also provides flood-proof infrastructure, a necessary attribute given the climate crisis. Featuring a corrugated metal roof canopy …

GTX Commuter Bag

With a waxed canvas upper, rubberized bottom and soft leather grip handles, this bag can withstand the worst and still look best. There are dedicated pockets for everything you need handy and separate padded areas for a tablet and laptop. Finished off with a waterproof top-zipper, the 26.2 liter bag can accommodate the demands of daily commuting—gym gear, work necessities and technology included.