Adventure-Proof Power from Brunton

Charge multiple devices with these waterproof trail-ready tools


With roots in developing navigation tools going all the way back to 1984, Boulder, CO-based Brunton has applied its sensible and utility-driven approach to design toward creating tools for the modern-day adventurer. Whether seeking solace in the wilderness or setting up the perfect photograph, portable power is a contemporary essential. While urban smartphone addicts have it made, those looking to Instagram and charge up to their heart’s content in the outdoors had slimmer pickings for rugged power banks—that is until the fully rechargeable Revolt 9000 ($100) came along. Weighing just under 300 grams while providing up to six full smartphone charges, the Revolt is shockproof, weatherproof and waterproof (rated for IPX5-conditions). Plus, a sturdy Vibram outer keeps the Revolt in place on slick surfaces.

brunton-power-knife-1.jpg brunton-power-knife-2.jpg

Keeping cords for various devices is a pain no matter where you are and numerous design solutions have been put forward to address this. Brunton takes inspiration from an outdoor classic for cord management: the utility knife. The Power Knife ($25) pairs excellently with the Revolt for a sleek, simple and effective solution to charging various gadgets off the grid. Power outputs include Apple Lightning and 30-pin and a micro USB, all neatly stored in the 4.5” gadget.

Spanning power, lighting, optics and navigation, explore the expanding line of Brunton’s innovative outdoor gadgets online.

Images courtesy of Brunton