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Australia’s 520-Foot-Long Bridge Houses a Flood-Proof Museum

Habitable bridges, or bridges that have buildings within them, used to be commonplace during the Renaissance but have since fell out of popularity. South of Sydney on the east coast of Australia, Kerstin Thompson Architects revived the 520-foot-long bridge that not only houses the Bundanon Art Museum but also provides flood-proof infrastructure, a necessary attribute given the climate crisis. Featuring a corrugated metal roof canopy and open breezeways, the new bridge comprises two buildings: one nestled into a mountain that protects it from bushfires and another that runs throughout the length of the bridge, offering 32 rooms for artist residency programs, a café and a dining area. The breathtaking and breezy design takes into account the area’s complicated climate. A gully below the bridge acts as a funnel to direct rainwater to a trio of creeks and prevent floods, while the building’s high elevation of 52 feet means it won’t disturb the ecosystem. Learn more about the impressive, climate-informed structure at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Rory Gardiner/Kerstin Thompson Architect

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